The Post-Breakup Blues

Q: After a serious break up and losing my job, I have become a mess. I have been sad for months. I cry often, I don’t want to hang out with anyone or do anything. I’m so irritable all the time, and worst of all, I don’t believe in myself […]

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Sweet, Sweet Pain Killers?

Q: My wife (typically a happy, friendly, hardworking woman, and dedicated mother) was in a car accident about six months ago. She suffered a back injury in the accident and has really struggled to recover. Since the accident, she has been depressed, seemingly unmotivated to do what she needs to […]

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How do I move on?

Q: Help! I feel really lonely and depressed since my break-up with my girlfriend. I can’t seem to find any energy and she’s all I think about- I feel like I’m going crazy. I think of myself as a strong person, but I don’t feel any of that right now.  […]

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