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Articles | Coastal Counseling - Carlsbad - Part 2



Emotional Responsibility

One of the most common and important concepts I address with clients in private practice is the concept of emotional responsibility. For those who grew up in homes where family roles were clearly defined and expectations were explicit, the process of becoming a self-reliant and secure adult was probably much […]

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Not All Wounds Are Visible

We’re gonna talk about trauma. I know this isn’t a sexy or cool topic of discussion; in fact, it sucks. We want to gloss over it really quickly so we can get back to “real life.” But that’s just what trauma wants us to do – avoid talking about the […]

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Promoting Postive Change: Five Ways to Strengthen the Parent-Child Relationship

Every parent has had one of those days, the days when you sit down at night after the kids go to bed and wonder, “Did I do enough, are my children getting what they need to feel happy and secure in this crazy world?”  Parents spend a good part of […]

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Sex, You’re Doing it Wrong

I know, I know. This topic gets written about a lot, and that’s an understatement. The Internet and print media are littered with blogs, articles, forums, and infographics that attempt address some derivative of this statement: “I am unhappy about sex in my relationship.” So if this proliferation of information […]

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Managing the Holiday Stress

The final holiday season of the year is often a time of celebration, family gatherings, and hustle and bustle. While all of the joys of the season can leave one feeling as warm and toasty as chestnuts roasting by the fire, for many these holiday cheers also come with an […]

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“But I Love Him…” Why Break-ups Hurt So Much

What keeps us in a relationship that we know is not right? Why is it so difficult to end a relationship that has not been good for a while? There is not a simple answer to this question. The answer is complex and the experience of a break-up can be […]

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Choosing Love

As a therapist and a wife (and mother, and friend, and daughter, and…) I get into many conversations about love. While there are many different avenues of love (the way I love a chocolate donut is easily eclipsed compared to the way I love my children), the meaning of love […]

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Exercise Your Way to Mental Health

How many times have you been in the doctor’s office and lied through your teeth as he/she asks you how often you exercise? And how many times have you wished your friend would stop talking about how great they are about getting to the gym and eating healthy. Yeah, yeah, […]

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Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Gottman’s Method Couples Therapy is a research-based treatment for couples experiencing difficulty in their relationship. This method began with the concept that in order to understand relationships, it was necessary to observe and understand interactions. From this grew the ‘Love Lab’, created by John Gottman and Robert Levenson over 40 […]

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The Silent Treatment

“And then he just stares at me like an idiot! It’s like he doesn’t even care!” You started arguing about how he was supposed to take out the garbage. Somehow the argument escalated and cut back and forth from issue to issue in your relationship. Finally the argument ends with […]

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