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In the Middle of the Night

Q: I am so confused and need some guidance! I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now, and we have (what I thought) was a good relationship. We seem compatible, and are very much in love. Our sex life happens to be one of our […]

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How Do I Tell Her She Needs Help?

Q: I Have been in a relationship with a woman for 5 years and have an 18-year-old step-daughter who I think could really benefit from some therapy. Every time I bring this up to her, she gets really offended and has a meltdown. How can I suggest some counseling without […]

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Risky Business

Q: I’m in a bit of a conundrum. I’ve been with my wife for seven years. We have three kids under the age of 9. I work outside the home, my wife stays home with the kids. For the most part, we have a good relationship. I love her, she’s […]

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Am I Being Abused?

Q: My boyfriend and I have been dating for eight months and moved in together two months ago. He used to buy me presents and bring me flowers when we first started seeing each other, but ever since we started living together he seems to be so moody and temperamental […]

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The Slow Fade Out

Q: I am so frustrated with on-line dating! The worst is the pattern of the guys I am talking to just disappear and stop sending or returning texts without any explanation. For the last couple weeks I starting dating this guy that I met online and got really excited about him. […]

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Ho Do I Help When He’s Depressed?

Q: How do you tell someone you love you think they would benefit from anti-depressants? My husband has been very stressed at work and home the past 6 months and it has taken a major toll on his attitude. He seems distant, unhappy, unmotivated, and basically not his usual self. He is […]

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What Happened to My Husband?!

Q: My husband is in the marines, and has recently came back from a deployment (about four months ago), he is so different since he got back. He is so distant; I really feel like I don’t even know him. It doesn’t feel like he cares at all about me. […]

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Weathering a Dry Spell

Q: I am so frustrated with my boyfriend and have no idea what to do. We have been dating for around 3 years and he never wants to have sex. I am so confused; we used to have sex all the time, and now he seems so annoyed when I come […]

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Man vs. Machine

Q: I feel like electronics are ruining my life. Every time I turn around my kids are on their tablets, playing video games, watching videos, and texting their friends. Even my husband can’t seem to get enough screen time. Whenever I try to set limits on screen time my kids […]

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On Again, Off Again

Q: I feel bad even writing this, and I would never say it to my friend, Sheila, but I cannot deal with hearing anymore about her ‘on-again/off-again’ relationship. I love Sheila so much and we will always be friends, but I find myself actively putting space between us and spending […]

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Pieces of Feedback

Q: First, I have a great marriage and really love most things about my husband, BUT, I am so annoyed with him constantly correcting me or telling me how I could do something better. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I always feel like he has an idea for a […]

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Rebuilding After an Affair

Q: I had a brief affair with another man several years ago. My husband and I went to therapy and things are much better, but now my husband said I cannot have any male friends because he is afraid I will have an affair. I don’t think it’s fair. What […]

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