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Our Nervous Systems are Working Overtime to Keep Us Safe in the Midst of Uncertainty

There is so much being written, said, and spread about Coronavirus, COVID-19, and life in quarantine presently. I’ve withheld myself from adding to the noise. Here’s the thing though: there is a LOT of contradictory information out there. Contradictions said between people in authority and between people speaking from their […]

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Social Media: the Relationship Killer?

Q: My fiancé is driving me crazy! She is obsessed with posting on social media about how awesome her life is. Every time we do something, she has to take a ton of pictures just to get the “perfect one” to post on Instagram or Snap Chat. She calls me […]

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Scrolling is the New Smoking

Fewer people are smoking these days, but there’s an equally addictive habit that just about everyone is doing: scrolling through the social media feed. We scroll when we’re anxious…when we’re sad…bored…lonely. We might scroll to numb some feeling we don’t want to feel, or to lose ourselves in other peoples’ […]

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The Codependent Relationship

Our culture has become inundated with pop-psychology terms. If someone talks too much about herself, she is labeled a narcissist. If a man were to call an ex-girlfriend one too many times he might be “psycho.” Like so many other buzzwords, codependency is one which therapists hear a lot of […]

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Preparing Your Child for Divorce

How to Prepare and Support Your Child Through a Divorce Are you and your spouse on the verge of a separation or divorce? Worried about the impact this will have on your children? The situation is already a challenging time and the stress and guilt of worrying about your children […]

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When Parents Fight

Q: I am so heartbroken and confused. My wife wants a divorce, and in truth I think she is right that it is the best move. We fight a lot and do not have any emotional connection. It’s been this way for a long time. We have been co-existing since […]

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The Politics of In-Laws

Q: I am really trying to figure out how to not totally destroy my relationship with my in-laws who are both very verbal about their political views, which are the complete opposite of mine and my wife’s. They are coming for a visit for a week this summer and I […]

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Reaching Across the Great Divide

A friend of mine recently told me about how, while swiping away on Tinder, he observed a strange trend on women’s profiles: time after time he came across bios that said some variation of, “Swipe left if you voted for Trump” (swiping left means that you do not want to […]

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Porn: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Pornography can be confusing, even downright scary. It can serve a positive purpose and enrich our sex lives, or it can ruin relationships. It can help take pressure off a partner with a lower sex drive, or make the same one feel undesired. How each person in a relationship feels […]

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How Can I Help?

People seek therapy for many reasons. If you’re reading this, it’s a strong possibility you yourself have been in therapy at some point in your life. Some come to explore existential thoughts and feelings; some to address feelings of depression, anxiety or some other specific issue such as an eating […]

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When Is It Acceptable to Cheat?

Even if the don’t ask so directly, many clients come in for therapy wanting me to tell them what to do. They ask me to solve their problem for them. They want me to tell them what is right, or what is healthy. I can’t. It’s not even that I […]

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10 Signs of Emotional Abuse

Domestic abuse comes in many forms; all can be devastating and dangerous. Current statistics show that one in every four women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime (85% of abuse victims are women). The most common form of abuse in relationships is emotional abuse. Because it is often overlooked […]

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